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Heavy Duty Stamps

Heavy duty stamps can be used alone, in presses or incorporated into a blanking or forming die.

Trademarks, trade names, patent numbers or lettering of any important data are accurately engraved on special alloy tool steels and properly hardened to give maximum wear life.

Hand Held Stamps

These economically answer the need for inspection stamps.  Available in a variety of sizes, they can be engraved with numbers, characters or any symbol of your choice.

Press-Mounted Stamps

Shank Stamps for your punch or kick press can be made for your machines from your blue print specifications.

Die Insert Stamps

These can be made to fit into new or existing forming and blanking dies to imprint part numbers, codes and trademarks.

Adaptable To Surface Geometry and Changing Information

Stamps can be made concave, convex or irregular shaped to fit the surface being marked.

Provisions can also be made for interchangeable inserts to accommodate changing model and code numbers, etc.

Numbering Heads


Numbering heads provide a convenient means to stamp changing number codes.  Available in hand held and press mounted versions, with manual set for non-changing numbers and automatic advance for sequential numbering.