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Indent Marking Dies

Roll and Segment Dies

Roll and Segment Dies use less force to produce clear, legible marks on a variety of surface geometries. They can be used in roll-type marking machines, screw machines, lathes and other applications.

Mark Different Surface Geometries

These precision-made marking dies can be made to mark flat, convex or concave surfaces. They require less force because only a couple of characters are in contact with the surface at a given time.

Mark a Variety of Surface Geometries

Roll Dies, Segment Dies and Interchangeable Type can be made to mark flat, convex or concave surfaces.

Flat Surface – Roll and Segment Dies are for indent marking of flat surfaces, or along the circumference of cylindrical surfaces such as those found on rods or tubes.

Concave Surface – Roll and Segment Dies are for indent marking of rods or tubes along longitudinal axis or convex surfaces.

Convex Surface – Roll and Segment Dies are for indent marking of rods or tubes perpendicular to the axis or longitudinal with a concave surface.
Regardless of the surface geometry being marked, our Roll and Segment Dies are machined to match the surface perfectly to give a clear, legible mark.

Roll Dies

Roll Dies can provide one or multiple impressions per roll. They are used in roll marking machines, screw machines and lathes. To facilitate quick delivery on rush orders, many standard roll die blanks for marking machines and screw machines are carried in stock.
Segment Roll Dies with Interchangeable Type
As illustrated, changing the text with interchangeable type make these Roll Dies an economical way to change code, model and date information. Each type segment is precisely ground to fit the main die’s radius.

The interchangeable type segments are held firmly in place with an adjusting segment to prevent slipping or moving.

Main die and type segments are hardened for maximum wear life and “Rockwell” tested to assure against cracking and fracturing.

Individual Segment Type

These are used with a segment die where a code or date may be the only changing information. These may also be set in a segment typeholder to permit quick installation of all changing information.

Roll Segment
Used for indent marking on a flat or along a cylindrical surface, the Roll Segment requires less pressure to make a deep imprint as it’s advanced across the surface letter by letter. This “rolling” allows a few hundred pounds of pressure to do the work of tons on a punch press. This also cuts cost on tooling requirements and prolongs the marking die’s life.

Highly Adaptable
The Roll Die concept can be adapted to meet many requirements. Possibilities include three or four lines of marking arranged for an interchangeable set-up to mark parts that have interrupted layouts or marking in different areas.

Roll Marking Carriage and Machines
Roll carriages for roll and segment dies feature a spring return that automatically positions the die for each part marking.

Wagner Engraving also offers a variety of roll marking machines. They are available in manual, pneumatic and hydraulic models.