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Hot Stamping & Indent Marking

Custom and Standard Sharp and Flat Face Type

Hot Stamping and Indent Marking Type

Wagner Engraving can make a variety of type to meet the needs of hot stamp and indent marking operations. (include image 1)

Regardless of the application or method of marking, Wagner Engraving can engrave type that delivers superior legibility and long service life.  The examples here show the basic type variations commonly used.

Custom Constructions


All type styles shown are custom engraved to meet the needs of specific applications or existing tooling.


Sharp and Flat Type Faces

The end and profile views shown above illustrate the difference in sharp and flat type face configurations.  Sharp face type is typically used for indent marking of metal.  Flat face type is typically used in hot stamping, where a broad face is needed to give the necessary “weight”.


Concave and Convex Type

Both sharp and flat face type can be engraved concave or convex to conform to any curved surface of a specified radius.


Dot-Style Character

The dot-style character is made to produce a dot-matrix-like impression and reduce the amount of force needed to make an impression.


Wagner Standard Type

Wagner Standard Type is made to fix Wagner typeholders and is available in a variety of sharp face sizes.