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Hot Stamping Dies

Metal or Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Dies

Hot Foil Stamps – Burning Brands


Metal or Silicone Rubber Hot Stamp Dies can be copied precisely from artwork, letterhead or photocopy to give an exact reproduction.

Hot stamping or burning brands use a heated die to transfer colored foil to a surface (or burn it) with the desired design or information.

Hot Stamping Dies Can Imprint

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Logos
  • Decorations
  • Symbols
  • Calibration Marks

Hot Stamping Colors

Hot stamping foils are available in a wide variety of colors and materials to match different substrates such as plastic, wood, leather, vinyl, etc.

Die Materials

Depending on the detail, operating temperature and duty cycle, hot stamping dies can be made from tool steel, brass, copper, magnesium and silicone rubber.

Dies made with cavities provide a means to change information such as batch, model or serial numbering.  Die cavity inserts can be individual type, logos or spacers.

Hot Stamping Presses






Standard Features

  • Full electronic temperature control
  • Side to side roll leaf feed and rewind
  • Cushioned head cylinder
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • Dual anti-tie down hand buttons
  • Fail-safe circuitry
  • Ball bushing head guides
  • Flow controls on cylinder
  • Ground steel work table
  • Filter, regulator and lubricator