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Electric Power Units

Lectroetch Power Units are rugged, perform with the precision of instruments and are absolutely safe to use.  Numbering or lettering stencils are made on a common office typewriter.  Stencils mount on an electrode and work with electrolyte to produce sharp, permanent text or numbers on metallic surfaces.  A.C. and D.C. output voltage permits choice of either light or dark marks.  “D.C.” output produces a white frosted mark on most metals.  Black marks, except on aluminum, are produced with “A.C.” output.  (Aluminum requires “D.C.” and special electrolyte for a black mark.)

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Electric Etch Marking Made Easy

With Lectroetch, it’s easy to mark text or numbers on virtually any metallic surface.  Safe and fast to learn, these electric etching systems deliver permanent, indelible marks with minimum fuss.

Although Lectroetch Power Units use a 115 volt, 60 cycle, A.C. power supply, the low marking current is derived from an isolated secondary in the power transformer.

Each unit is supplied with a color-coded cord set designed to fit all marking appliances and fixtures.

Lectroetch is safe

Thermal overload protection is provided by a button-actuated circuit breaker.

A further safeguard in the Model VT-15A and V-45A series is an appliance micro-switch or foot switch which must be actuated after contact is made with the part before current will flow.

In most models, a variable voltage transformer is used for accurate, easy reproduced power settings.  Ammeters are standard on most models, and voltmeters also are provided on the two largest units.  The meters show maximum current output, and aid in fine power settings.

Current Interrupter

An automatic current interrupter is supplied on the Models V-10A and VT-15A Power Units.  This reduces heat and electrolyte gassing.  It increases stencil life and assures more uniform marks.